23 July, 2014


Introducing Flash Tattoos, the new IT accessory offering an instant style update that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

The temporary tattoos come in metallic colours and can be cut up to be worn anywhere on your body in any way that you like, meaning that the possibilities really are endless.

Flash Tattoos can last up to 6 days and the easy application brings back memories of when we were young and would go crazy over the free tatts found in lollie wrappers!

Flash Tattoos come in a great assortment of designs so whether you’re a boho babe, beach goddess or indie rocker there is something for everyone. We love wearing Flash Tattoos out dancing, to the beach or music festivals... actually we love wearing Flash Tattoos whenever we get a chance to show some skin! Some of the designs are made to look like jewellery and we are loving them as a chic alternative to our delicate, expensive (and breakable) accessories.

Its not jewellery, its not a permanent tattoo, but it IS the hottest accessory out right now! Shop our awesome selection of Flash Tattoos here but be quick before they sell out (again).


15 July, 2014

INTERVIEW: Being Cool with Ainsley & Ula

There are some who find cool and there are some who are born cool – and Ainsley and Ula were born in leather jackets, with insane hair and a penchant for slogan shirts with naughty words on them.

We chatted with our favourite babes from Sticks And Stones Agency about being cool on Instagram, their outfit must-haves and sh*tty movie reviews.

☠ ☠ ☠

ULA, 7 - @ulacoco

Favourite thing to do on the holidays?

Horse riding and playing with my puppy – he’s a fox terrior and his name is Jet. Mine craft is my favourite game to play.

Outfit of choice?

My leather jacket, white and black stripy tights and my Simpsons t-shirt!

Do your friends have Instagram?

Nope they are so behind.

What’s the key to the perfect post?

Having rad hair helps and an awesome tan and the best clothes!

What’s your favourite Instagram post?

Me and my stepsister laying on the grass and the one of my mum and me.

What is your favourite sport?

I like to play netball, I play any position.

AINSLEY - @sticks_and_stones_agency

Um, where is your jacket from?!

My fav PR company sent it to me for a shoot and I haven’t sent it back yet.. haha - it's by Zhivago!

What are your favourite brands?

Definitely Discount Universe and O-Mighty… it changes daily. But they are two brands that I have always loved.

Your go-to outfit when you’re in a rush?

It’s always my white muscle with holes in it, and a bra without underwire for complete comfort. Or a leather jacket and leopard print jeans or plaid pants– I get dressed for Instagram hahaha.

Favourite Instagram-ers?

@fuckcherry and @thefatjewish are the only two that I always go back on – I actually look at them every day. Also @prettypukedood – it’s a little bit offensive haha. And of course @sebastienfougere and @ulacoco ;)

Who decides what you post on Instagram?

It’s a collaboration - either I will have an initial idea and Sebastien will improve on it or I will have to commercialise it.

Your most outrageous Instagram post?

It would be either the Barbie and Ken one reposted from @prettypuke dude but this one might take the cake – ‘carrot boner’ – just doing what bunnies do. The bunny one is my favourite!

What do you love to blog about?

We have done shitty movie reviews. We go Monday night because it’s the quietest and we want to go before cheap Tuesday. It’s now my favourite part of the job. We choose a movie title out of a jar and we go and see that. I start to feel guilty when I criticise people’s art even though I know they are still going to make millions… The reviews are really shit – not necessarily the movie!

Your favourite model you have worked with lately?

Sahara Ray is phenomenal – I could shoot her every day. We did a shoot with her for an LA online mag – ‘Live Fast Mag’ where we did a cool trashy motel shoot. We have behind the scenes polaroids on the blog aka ‘pornoroids’.

What’s happening in the future for Sticks And Stones?

We are definitely doing a YouTube channel next. A lot more videos – a weird film about a beard is coming out very soon – that will be the launch of our YouTube channel. We are going to do ‘live shitty interviews’ – interviewing corporate people as well as awesome people that we love. We’re in LA in November for more photoshoots – an anniversary shoot – something for that but mostly collaborating with photographers.

♥ ♥ ♥

11 July, 2014

Homegrown Lookbook

Introducing our latest lookbook, which stars our favourite homegrown healthy lifestyle advocate, Essena O'Neill, and her authentic, girl-next door appeal. Featuring boho and alternative styling, this lookbook showcases our favourite prints of the moment and coveted jewels by Hunter Gatherer.

Model/Muse - Essena O'Neill
Creative Director - Kelsey Heinrichs
Photographer - Grace Markham
Stylist - Chloe Clark

Videographer - Taane Erickson

Shop the all these looks here

Check out our behind the scenes video below!

09 July, 2014


I want you to close your eyes for a moment and picture this – you’re at the front of the stage waiting for the next act. You’re squished against thousands of people – but there’s electricity in the air. The girl next to you glances your way. She says: “you look good, girlfriend”, because you absolutely do. You feel a sudden surge of excitement. You made it here! Suddenly, the lights dim and people begin to cheer – Outkast have just stepped on stage. Andre 3000 definitely winks at you and that’s because he knows how good you look. You laugh and dance into the night…

It’s that time of year when you dust off your gumboots and air out your tent – Splendour In The Grass Festival is coming to town! To celebrate one of Australia’s biggest festivals we’re giving away a $1000 festival wardrobe! OMG! Make those daydreams a reality - check out these stunning festival looks you can grab right here at BB:

Enter the competition through the link below! Don't forget to thank us when you're getting style props from Outkast. ♥

08 July, 2014


Another day, another lookbook!

Last week we shot our newest lookbook with one of our favorite bloggers, Essena O'Neill.

Essena popped in to our West End office on her way home from a relaxing few days in Byron Bay to shoot our newest lookbook.

With a little bit of hair styling, a coat of nail polish and a natural makeup look, we were ready to shoot.

We wandered around our neighbourhood to find the perfect locations including Betty's Espresso and some rundown houses, one with the perfect mystical cat that we tried so very hard to get pictures with!

Although she doesn't like to think of herself as a model, Essena was the perfect muse for this lookbook!

Keep an eye out for the release of this lookbook in the coming weeks.

Credit to our A team:
Photographer: Grace Markham
Creative Director: Kelsey Heinrichs
Stylist: Chloe Clark
Videographer: Taane Erickson

04 July, 2014

Holidaze Lookbook

Introducing our latest lookbook; Holidaze!

BB recently went to Bali to shoot a lookbook with all of our favourite and exclusive wares. The lookbook was shot on location at the beautiful and luxurious Villa Kresna in Seminyak and features the adorable Inka Williams.

The Holidaze collection was inspired by relaxed island vibes and is all about embracing YOU, whether you are a Daria fan, need coffee before you can function or are addicted to donuts (no judgment here).

We love the selection of chilled pieces that can be mixed and matched with quirky prints and our fun statement tee’s for unique and effortless style.

So while we might not always be able to holiday whenever we like (sigh), at least with our Holidaze collection we can pretend!

Shop the Holidaze collection here.

Photography - Ali Mitton
Model - Inka Williams
Styling & Direction - Sarah Timmerman
Assistant Stylist & Makeup - Greer Alston

02 July, 2014


This morning we hosted our first ever Beginning Boutique Blogger Breakfast!

Some of Brisbane's best bloggers and up and coming bloggers joined us for breakfast at The Gunshop Cafe West End.

This was a chance for us to present our newest lookbook, Sweet Nothing, and a chance for the bloggers to meet or catch up with their peers.

If you are a Brisbane Blogger and would like to be invited to similar events in the future please send your details to stylist@beginningboutique.com.au

Check out the #bbbloggerbreakfast on Instagram to see more snaps


Those who attended were lucky enough to recieve amazing gift bags filled with goodies from Loving TanFrank BodyKester BlackHello Hair and Hunter Gatherer Jewellery!

We have 1 gift bag that we are giving away to a lucky reader. All you have to do is comment on this post with what product you are wanting to try the most, and your email address. Winner will be drawn 07/07/14 and notified via email. Competition only valid to Australian residents.